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There are 25 safety regions in the Netherlands. The fire stations work together within these safety regions. For example, maintenance and central purchasing of equipment is provided for each region, firefighters are trained and retrained and exercises are organized. Because the forces work together, certain tasks are performed more efficiently and more tasks are tackled jointly. In the event of major incidents and disasters, we also quickly deploy sufficient people and resources through joint control rooms.

Less fires, fewer victims, less damage

No fire department is the same. There are subjects that every force has to deal with, such as response times, the reduction of empty reports, wildfires and operational management. We will tackle this nationally, with an eye for regional differences. Whether it concerns rules and guidelines, methods and equipment or knowledge and quality. This is done unanimously and decisively within the Netherlands Fire Service. With the aim: less fires, fewer victims, less damage.

Fire brigade Netherlands: one program, five task fields

The Netherlands Fire Service is an alliance of all fire brigades, led by the Council of Fire Commanders (RBC). The 25 regional fire commanders together form this council. The RBC has an executive committee with a chairman and five program leaders. The program leaders are each responsible for the task areas of the National Fire Service Program:

  • Risk Management and Fire Safe Living
  • Incident response
  • Professional competence and knowledge
  • Crisis management
  • People and management
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Brandweerevent 2021

Do you want to keep up with the latest developments in firefighting at home and abroad? Then keep 7 and 8 October free in your agenda. More than 30 interesting and educational sessions are scheduled. The full programme will follow soon. We will meet each other digitally in any case, and if the weather allows it, even in real life. Switch on whenever you want and get inspired!

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14th International Congress Fire Safety & Science

(Inter)national experts present the latest developments, results and insights of recent reseach in the field of Fire Safety Engineering and innovative fire fighting.

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EU Energy Storage Systems Safety Conference 8-9 November 2023

The conference aims to share the state of the art safety knowledge regarding ESS. In addition, we intend to disclose and connect the various ‘silo’s’ that deal with ESS-safety such as industry, research, emergency response and authorities.

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Elevate Your Career in Fire Services: Join the Officer Development Program at FEU!

Do you know or are you a dedicated and passionate fire professional looking to take your career to new heights? The Federation of European Fire Officers (FEU) invites you to explore our Leadership Officer Development Program (ODP), designed to empower and equip aspiring leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in fire services.

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