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Federation of the European Union Fire Officer Associations

Federation of the European Union Fire Officer Associations


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pic06.12.2014 - Special attention for the Working time directive public consultation...
pic13.10.2014 - Press release from FEU 02/14 meeting in Poznan ...
pic16.09.2014 - Participate in Online-Survey: Social Media in Emergency Management ...
pic10.09.2014 - Critical Communications News – European Public Safety community response...


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The Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations which expresses the opinion of FEU on any matter associated with disaster management, fire safety, fire service management, fire fighting, rescue and other emergency operations.

pcVision 2020

This FEU strategy, also directly contributes to the strategy “Towards a stronger European Disaster Response”... check: online publication | pdf


Emergency Management in Social Media Generation with the goal to Enhance the safety and security of citizens before, during and after emergencies | read more

pcSpc. rescue from heights and depths

Comparative analysis of the methods in use. This should lead to a concept for all EU-Firebrigades for the installation... read more

pcMulticom 112

The EU gives high priority to make the single emergency call number *112 *known throughout Europe which... read more

pcQuality label for fire safety in hotels

Interactive safety training of hotel personnel. This project has been carried out with financial support... read more

pcWelcome to FiReComp

Twelve European fire service organizations from seven different countries have worked together in developing a single description... read more

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