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REGISTRATION IS CLOSED: Leadership / Officer Development Program (ODP)

FEU aims to promote and facilitate sharing of knowledge, exchange of best practices and collaboration between fire services within Europe. With this in mind, we are offering an exciting and innovative development program for European fire officers, which is called the Officer Development
Program (ODP).

EU FireStat - Closing data gaps and paving the way for pan-European fire safety efforts

The aim of this pilot project is to analyse the terminology used and the data collected by the Member States regarding building fires. This will identify the collection difficulties and interpretation differences and propose a common terminology and a method to collect the necessary data.
FEU programs

FEU focuses on three main programs

We are FEU, the Federation of European Fire Officers. The FEU is a network of (European) fire officer associations or state fire services united by a (common) profile of shared beliefs, interests, and mutual trust. The FEU aims to be a strong voice for fire and rescue services.
This program offers you the opportunity to gain expert knowledge on current topics relevant to the fire services in Europe, as well as further develop your leadership and communication skills.
The FEU aims to connect with career principal fire and rescue service officers in Europe to exchange best practice and collaborate with other international partners, in initiatives / projects which benefit FEU and public safety in Europe.