14th International Congress Fire Safety & Science

On 8 and 9 June 2022, the 14th International Congress Fire Safety & Science is organized by NIPV (Netherlands Institute for Public Safety) and the Foundation Fellow FSE with the cooperation of EuroFSA and FEU. (Inter)national experts present the latest developments, results and insights of recent reseach in the field of Fire Safety Engineering and innovative fire fighting.

For whom?

This congress is interesting for: 

  • people who work in the private or public sector and are engaged in Fire Safety Engineering, risk management, fire prevention, fire investigation, or (innovative) fire-fighting or for people who are interested in it
  • Inspectors of construction plans, policymakers and policy advisors Fire Safety, fire departments, project developers, engineers, architects, scientists, researchers, fire suppression supervisors from fire departments, fire researchers and teachers/students of risk assessment; prevention of fire and FSE
  • everyone involved in (the innovation of) construction- and fire safety.

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