Brandweervereniging Vlaanderen

BVV is the professional organization for firefighting in Flanders. As a professional organization, our goal is to collect, generate and distribute knowledge among our members.

Within the BVV network, knowledge is provided and exchanged. Positions are taken where necessary.

There are problems that every assistance zone faces. Each zone tackles these in its own way, resulting in a range of solutions. By putting everything together, comparing and studying it, more uniformity can be achieved.

Knowledge is disseminated at study days such as the annual conference, but also via the trade magazine De Brandweer(m/f), the website, social media, the monthly newsletter, etc. Furthermore, the BVV also tries to further develop its projects at federal level within the KCCE. In this way, the work of the network results in standards and regulations. The BVV striping is an example of this.

BVV has the following objectives

  • generating, collecting and disseminating information
  • providing a bridge function between the fire department and the authorities that shape fire department policy
  • supporting training for the fire department and monitoring its quality
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The Firefighters' Congress 2021

The Firefighters' Congress is a congress for everyone. If you are a firefighter, non-commissioned officer, administrative officer, meet your colleagues on a day where we celebrate the fire service.

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