Chris Addiers is made an honorary member of the Federation of EUropean fire officers. In 2020 Chris, former affiliated by the Brandweer zone Antwerpen, stepped down as president of the FEU. Due to the COVID‘19 pandemic, there was no opportunity to address it earlier. He was honoured for his commitment ‘beyond expectations’ to the FEU. The FEU president praised Chris for his active membership. He has put Leadership on the FEU agenda and was an outstanding example of this in his role as president from 2014-2020. He has taken the FEU to a higher level and ensured connection with various equal stakeholders including the relationship with (working groups of) EC Brussels. He ensured a transparent FEU governance. We have particularly appreciated his excellent collaborative skills and his ability to link people together. As part of the FEU's 25th anniversary, Chris was also honoured with a gold Cross of Merit for outstanding achievements for the FEU.