FEU helps Ukraine

That it took a war to show the role of the FEU in its purest form was unforeseen and certainly not the intention. Yet, during these first weeks of war between Russia and Ukraine, the FEU as a network of European Fire Officers has already proved its worth.

The FEU has connected countries within Europe by linking supply and demand of numerous initiatives to help the Ukrainian Fire Brigade. By joining forces, action can be taken quickly and efficiently. It has seamlessly connected European countries with each other, but also with associates from countries outside Europe that approach the FEU to ask how they can help. The need to contribute is enormous and heart-warming. The FEU links and monitors where it can.

Poland, in particular, has a special focus on Ukraine and is in daily contact about the needs of the Ukrainian fire brigade and the routes through which they can be transported. Currently, the conditions for entering the country change almost daily. Every day, the organisations coordinate further logistics about storage, collection points and transport.

At this moment, the FEU together with Lithuanian National Fire Officers Alliance and Rimantas Kaukenas Foundation is seeking urgent assistance for Ukraine firefighters. Rimantas explains: “We are in constant contact with Chief Fire Officer Andrei Vatolin in Kiev. Kiev ‘s firefighters and other Fire Brigades in Ukraine need bullet proof vests because they get attacked while putting down fires (or participating in dangerous areas). We are seeking urgent donations from our fire service colleagues in Europe. We will be purchasing bullet proof vests for all the collected donations. We have the means to deliver the vests to Kiev‘s and other cities firefighters”.

Proud of our FEU members and other associates and many thanks for the effort they put in to help the Ukrainian Fire Brigade. Our thoughts are with our Ukrainian colleagues who do their job under extraordinarily difficult circumstances: saving lives & limiting damage.

If you want to donate, please find here the donation webpage.

Stephan Wevers,