Think big, start small. That is what the FEU drives to professionalise their Federation. “We have done this by first modernizing the constitution and re-establishing our goals”, said the president, Stephan Wevers. “The world around us is changing rapidly: climate, digital, social and international developments are creating new types of crises and complex social issues. In order to continue to anticipate these changes, we have taken a critical look at the course the Federation needs to take. Crisis management and fire services are the domains we continue to focus on. To cope with the future problems three programs were developed: Leadership, Exchange of Experts and Knowledge and the Professional Voice. They will be elaborated and implemented by working groups lead by a program leader. I am proud of the steps the FEU has taken in the past period. The current COVID'19 crisis has proven that anticipating and moving with the times are conditions to remain safe and resilient as a society. And that also applies to us as an organisation. Our revised course and ambition contribute to our (future) society.”  

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