Commemorating 2nd anniversary of attack on Ukraine

24th February, it's been two devastating years since Ukraine was brutally attacked. The FEU expresses heartfelt support to the firefighters in Ukraine, as they continue to navigate this unimaginably difficult situation.

The fire and rescue service in Ukraine has faced increased work, insufficient resources, and constant danger during these two years. We want them to know they're not facing these challenges alone.

The Federation of EUropean fire officers (FEU) is here for Ukraine's men and woman of the fire and rescue service, wishing them strength and perseverance.

From the beginning, we've been providing assistance by sending all kinds of supplies, coordinating global support, and we commit to continuing this aid in the times ahead.

FEU will be a friend, offering advice and support to help Ukraine's fire and rescue service become stronger. Our goal is to help them rebuild and be ready for whatever challenges come their way.

As we mark these two years of darkness, we want to express that the situation is truly terrible and still hard for us to comprehend. Our best wishes for strength and hope go out to the brave men and women of the Ukrainian fire and rescue service.

We're standing with them, committed to supporting their journey as they rebuild and continue their important mission. The light will be back.

Stephan Wevers,