The Board of Directors of the Organization of American Firefighters (OAF = Organización de Bomberos Americanos OBA) during its 2023 II Board Meeting held on May 24, 2023, unanimously agreed to accept the FEU application and incorporate the institution as an Adherent Member.

OBA is the largest worldwide organization for international cooperation among firefighting institutions and carries out numerous activities in support of regional firefighting development. It coordinates events and provides free training worldwide for its members, promoting the professionalization of fire departments in the Americas. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in the development of strategic alliances for firefighting institutions in the region, as demonstrated by the shared projects with esteemed institutions such as Fundación MAPFRE, NFPA, NVFC, and Scholas Ocurrentes, the NGO led by Pope Francis. Since 2009, OAF has also been a registered Civil Society Organization within the Organization of American States (OAS), under resolution CP/RES 759.

The FEU is very pleased with this membership that extends beyond the MoU. The federation will have a permanent seat and voice in the OBA organisation as a formal member and not only a partner. The FEU looks forward to further cooperation.