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Vereinigung zur Förderung des Deutschen Brandschutzes e.V.


The activities of the vfdb are based on these cornerstones. National symposia and international fire protection seminars (IFPS) with national and international experts supplement the detailed work of the workgroups and technical sections of the vfdb.

The work results of the technical sections of the TWB (technical and scientifically advisory board) and the BFW, lectures and discussions of conferences and seminars are documented and are available to the interested national and international public. These documents carry information on the state of the art knowledge in the field of fire protection, risk prevention and hazard control.

The broad basis of personal and corporative members secures, with the members financial and idealistic contributions, the pertinent research, the comprehensive workgroups and forms the independent lobby for the improvement of safety in the handling of risks in daily life and in the industry. Currently about 2000 individual members and 450 corporative members , among them more than 100 city councils, moreover, Ministries, research institutes, organisations, societies as well as the allied national and international fire-brigade organizations stand by the goals of the vfdb.

The vfdb is a "Member is of CFPA-Europe" (Confederation of Fire Protection Associations). The vfdb contributes considerably together with the German fire-brigade association in the work of the international organization CTIF (Comit Technique International de prevention et d'extinction du Feu) and FEU (Federation of the European Union Fire Offiver Associations).

  • We work on solutions of various safety problems.
  • We support different research projects.
  • We publish guidelines and recommendations.
  • We help with the compilation and definition of national, European and international Codes & Standards (DIN, CEN, ISO)
  • We offer vocational training.
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