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Suomen Palopäällystöliitto Finlands Brandbefälsförbund


Suomen Palopäällystöliitto Finlands Brandbefälsförbund

The Finnish Fire Officers' Association is a non-profit association founded in 1932, the main goals of which are to promote the safety of society and to develop the professional skills of its members. Our membership includes, among others, rescue fire officers and non-commissioned officers, contract fire officers, security industry experts and senior executives.  The association has no tasks related to professional advocacy.

We are a respected security policy debater and a cooperative organization that relies on open partnership and continuous development, providing expert, training and materials services. The union's effectiveness is based on long-term work and direct contact with various authorities and security actors. 

Mission statement
The Finnish Fire Brigades Union develops the competence and professional community of its members and acts as an expert in promoting the safety of society.

The most competent factor of safety - in cooperation!

The Finnish Fire Brigades Union follows the values of the rescue sector in its activities:
"Safe and crisis-resistant Finland - working together humanely, professionally and reliably".

Service promises

The highest quality training and safety materials
The Fire Brigades Union develops its training activities as the most up-to-date training and further training organisation in the field of rescue. It produces, compiles and distributes learning material in various formats and develops different learning environments and opportunities.

Best expertise
The expertise of the Fire Chiefs' Association is based on the excellence of its members, which it actively develops. The Federation is active in expert groups and as a consultant, contributing its expertise to the decision-making process.

A builder of professional community
The Fire Chiefs' Association is the most broad-based and respected community in the rescue and security sector. Together with its members, the Association is renewing and upholding traditions.

The highest quality and most attractive partner in the security sector
The Fire Brigades Union is a constructive developer of cooperation and actively seeks new partnerships - also internationally.

A changing environment

Climate change, hybrid threats, security of supply and changes in the nature of conflicts are world events that also affect Finland's operating environment. Crises in the EU's neighbourhood have created a number of security problems that require internal and external security to be seen as a whole and require cooperation across sectors and borders. Accidents affecting critical infrastructure, terrorism and acts of destruction can cause serious disruption to the functioning of society as a whole. Dependence on information and other technical systems increases the vulnerability and susceptibility of society to disruption. The role of the emergency services in preparing for major emergencies and providing civil preparedness is crucial.

Finland has the fastest ageing population in Europe. The working age population is decreasing, especially in rural areas. In addition, there are about one million Finns living alone, and this number is growing rapidly in all age groups. On the other hand, the public sector service structure is being reformed and resources are diminishing. This will challenge the ability of the emergency services to deliver their services.

Changes in the training of firefighters and increased national guidance and harmonisation of services are major changes in the operating environment. On the other hand, the need for expertise and specialised skills has arisen in rescue services, which requires skills management. More resources are being devoted to developing activities, and the Fire Chiefs' Association has an important role to play in supporting national cooperation.

Its rapid response capacity, strong networks, open-minded approach and the vast expertise of its members will ensure that it continues to be a key player in the rescue field. The transparency and strengthening of the activities of the sections are also among the key objectives of the association. The challenge for the association is to reach out to young potential members and to profile itself also as an association of subordinate officers. In a changing environment, the task of the Fire Chiefs' Association is to provide cohesion and also to preserve valuable traditions.

The active role of the Fire Brigades Union in the European Fire Brigades Union (FEU) is also important both in terms of sharing good practice and knowledge and in terms of influence.

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