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Estonian Rescue Board

The Estonian Rescue Board is a government agency under the Ministry of the Interior that develops and maintains a secure environment in Estonia, anticipates threats and promptly and professionally assists people in the event of an accident. With approximately 2200 employees, the Estonian Rescue Board is the second largest public sector body.

The Estonian Rescue Board has departments that develop, plan and manage activities and Regional Rescue Centers and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Center implementing the activities. North, South, East and West Regional Rescue Centers organize day-to-day rescue work, fire safety surveillance, emergency prevention, and crisis management.

The mission of the Estonian Rescue Board
We prevent accidents, save lives, property, and the environment.

The vision of the Estonian Rescue Board
By 2025, the Estonian Rescue Board will have reduced the number of accidents and damage to the level of Nordic countries with the help of everyone.

The mission and vision of the Estonian Rescue Board contribute to the development of the organization, as it enables purposefully striving for a common goal by applying everybody’s individual potential. Awareness of the mission and vision among the members of the organization helps to promote cooperation and teamwork skills, develops the analytical skills of staff, and encourages management, as well as all other employees, to think about the future.

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