"Achieving more together"

The NFCC has a unique role in representing fire and rescue services on the national stage with one voice for maximum impact and harnessing the knowledge and expertise across the country, bringing it together for the benefit of all. We want our members to understand what we can do to support and help their own fire and rescue service on a day-to-day basis, but also in times of crisis. We describe the three key benefits of the NFCC’s role below.

Within the new strategy, NFCC Chair Roy Wilsher states: "I know that we are stronger together. The NFCC has a vital and unique role in bringing its members together, co-ordinating national work for local benefit, driving improvement across the fire and rescue services to face the challenges we recognise now and those yet to come." 

Our vision

“The vision of the NFCC is to improve safety in communities by working collaboratively with fire and rescue services, promoting national approaches where they work best.”

Our mission

“All fire and rescue services have local priorities and by working together through the NFCC on the issues that affect us all, we can achieve solutions efficiently and effectively. The collective voice of the NFCC allows us to shape our reform agenda with our stakeholders and co-create the fire and rescue service needed for current and future generations.”

Our values

We think it is important to articulate our values as a member organisation. Our members expect us to operate in a way that fits with their own personal and organisational values. We have identified six values that underpin our approach.

NFCC is:

  • Open in how we carry out our work for our members
  • Transparent in our decision-making
  • Actively listening to all views
  • Recognising differences in how fire and rescue services are run and governed
  • Consultative in our approach
  • Supportive of our members’ needs

Our strategic commitments

As an organisation, we want to focus on areas that best reflect the needs of our members and that bring greatest benefits in terms of improvement for all. We express this through our strategic commitments. Three of these commitments form the NFCC’s improvement programme and a fourth commitment focuses on efficiency, finance and collaboration.

  • The first strategic commitment is to reduce community risk and vulnerability through a number of programmes that will support fire and rescue services in the improvement of their deployment and service delivery through their risk management plans.
  • The second commitment is focused on people. The greatest asset in fire and rescue services is people. We are working with members on a wide range of projects related to improving the way services recruit, train, lead, manage and support their employees.
  • The third commitment is to lead digital and data solutions to drive transformation. This will enable services to improve the way they collect, store, use and present data, manage information, and make best use of digital technology.
  • The fourth strategic commitment is for the NFCC to be an efficient and financially sustainable organisation that is collaborative and works in partnership with others for the benefit of all members. We are committed to running a lean organisation that ensures the professional partnership fee paid by all our members is used to deliver the greatest benefit to all.
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