General Directorate Fire Safety and Civil Protection


The DG Fire Safety Civil Protection is a national specialized structure of the MoI. It is responsible for performing tasks related to the following:

  1. preventive activities;
  2. state fire control;
  3. firefighting and rescue activities;
  4. licensing and inspection of traders carrying out activities to ensure fire safety on sites and/or maintenance and servicing of appliances, systems and equipment related to fire safety;
  5. conformity assessment and inspection of fire suppression products;
  6. emergency recovery, operational flood protection and search and rescue operations, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence;
  7. early warning and notification to the executive authorities and the population in cases of disasters and air hazards;
  8. methodological and expert assistance to the territorial bodies of the executive authorities in terms of disaster protection and in organizing the activities of voluntary formations;
  9. determination of fire performance characteristics of products and technical and exploitation characteristics of fire-fighting equipment and products;
  10. professional training for fire safety and civil protection authorities, rescuers and volunteers for the implementation of the activities under points 3 and 6.

The Operational Centres of the DG FSCP are responsible for the coordination of the forces within the Unified Rescue System in case of disaster.

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