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The Fédération nationale des sapeurs-pompiers de France (FNSPF) is an association under the law of 1901. With more than 285,000 members, the Federation is the head of the associative network of firefighters of France, gathered without distinction of rank, status or category (young, volunteers, professionals, veterans, military, private, administrative, technical and specialized staff...).


What is the National Federation of Firefighters of France?

It has a board of directors and an executive committee whose members, drawn from its members, are appointed by the "grand electors" representing the unions, following a democratic electoral process. It is also made up of 25 categorical or thematic commissions and working groups, bringing together firefighters from regional unions. A team of permanent staff and numerous volunteer firefighters complete these various bodies. All of them work together to advance civil security and the cause of firefighters.

The FNSPF is thus the conductor of a unique and dynamic network of associations, which works on a daily basis for more solidarity, recognition, openness and conviviality for firefighters

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