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The basic purpose of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management of the Ministry of the Interior is to protect the safety of life and property of the Hungarian population, the safe operation of the national economy and critical infrastructure elements, which is an extremely important public safety task. The BM OKF is a law enforcement body with national competence.

Its main task is the official prevention of disasters; carrying out rescue in the event of a civil emergency; organization and management of defense; elimination of harmful consequences; implementation of recovery-reconstruction.

In order to fulfill its purpose:

  • It exercises a wide range of industrial safety, fire protection, civil protection, water and water protection authority powers: prescribes, authorizes, prohibits, restricts, controls and applies sanctions. It coordinates the activities of other authorities in order to prevent emergencies.
  • It has national, county, regional and local professional organizations, voluntary and involved civil protection bodies, a significant fleet of equipment, and an appropriate logistical background. It operates a nationwide company that manufactures and repairs special equipment. Performs investment organization and real estate management.
  • It exercises important powers in the identification and supervision of critical infrastructures in Hungary, as well as in civil emergency planning, defense administration, mobilization of the national economy, and state reserve management.
  • It regulates, directs and fully supervises the fire protection system, its local emergency professional bodies perform firefighting and technical rescue tasks, protect, inform and alert the population.
  • Manages the participation of municipal and facility fire brigades, involved voluntary associations in firefighting and technical rescue. It carries out its operations management activities within the framework of the unified emergency call system.
  • It maintains extensive international relations on the basis of bilateral intergovernmental agreements, represents Hungary in the professional organizations of the UN OCHA, the EU, NATO, the international fire brigade association, and the international organization of fire officers.
  • It maintains the regional training bases, the Disaster Management Education Center, the Institute for Disaster Management of the National Civil Service University, the Central Orchestra of Disaster Management, the Museum of Disaster Management and the Disaster Management Research Center. He publishes a monthly newspaper, a professional magazine, publications, study materials, organizes science, and operates a sports association.
  • It maintains modern telecommunication, operation management, IT and nationwide measurement, detection and public alarm systems.
  • It cooperates with law enforcement agencies, the army, local governments and security authorities.
  • He maintains contact with non-governmental and charitable organizations, their associations, educational and scientific institutions, and the Hungarian media.
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