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Mission - Purpose

The Fire Officers Association, which is prohibited to have a profit-making character, has as its purpose:

  • To safeguard, defend and promote the labour, economic, trade union, pension, insurance and social interests of its members.
  • The promotion and elevation of their professional level.
  • The defence, promotion and improvement of the service status of its members (judgments, hierarchy, rank and salary promotions, retirement of officers, etc.), which is completely different from that of other employees of the Fire Brigade.
  • The upgrading of the role and position of the Greek Fire Brigade Officer within the Corps and the Greek society, for the benefit of its members.

Without seeking profit, the Association may establish consumer or credit cooperatives, maintain boarding houses and libraries, provide training courses for its members, organize professional seminars, conferences, exhibitions and sports competitions and create special funds to serve specific and special purposes, aimed at solidarity and mutual aid of its members.

In order to achieve its objectives, the NAPA is entitled, among other actions, to:

  • To report to administrative and other authorities of the State on any matter concerning its purposes, its members and their general interests.
  • To report and denounce to the administrative and judicial authorities of the country and to the mass media any violation of the legislation in force, whether it concerns only the Fire Brigade and its personnel, or other authorities and their personnel, and has a similar application to its members.
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