The Chief Fire Officers Association of Ireland is proud to be hosting the 6th International Safety Education seminar, in Dublin in 2022, supported by the FEU (Federation of European Fire Officers) and the European Fire Safety Alliance.

From its origins in Finland in 2011, with its initial concept of connecting all people committed to creating a higher level of community fire safety awareness and education, the seminar has grown to be a significant bi-annual event in the fire safety calendar in Europe.

This was further developed and enhanced by further successful seminars in Helsinki (2013), Stockholm (2015), Arnhem (2017) and Antwerp (2019). At the last seminar in Antwerp over 200 delegates, speakers and fire industry colleagues attended from 12 EU countries as well as delegates from Norway, the UK and the USA.

The seminar is now an integral part of the programme of activities being held for European Fire Safety Week 2021, which is taking place from November 29th to December 8th.  This year’s seminar will have speakers from Europe, the UK, the USA and Australia.


The main themes of this year’s seminar are focussed on:

  • Fire safety strategic planning

At this year’s event we will hear about the European Fire Safety Action Plan developed by the European Fire Safety Alliance as well as national strategies developed in other European countries and developments at European level.

  • Influencing the fire safety behaviour of various age groups

Researchers will present the results of recent studies carried out particularly in relation to the elderly and other vulnerable age groups.

  • Use of data analysis / statistics, scientific research and fire risk models in the development of fire safety policy

We will also hear about the recent project, funded by the European Commission, to improve the collection of fire statistics in Europe. Other speakers will review fire incident data available and will explain how this influences the development of fire safety policy. We will also hear about different approaches to fire risk modelling in a number of countries.  

  • Collaboration in fire safety education

Fire authorities, emergency service organisations and safety science organisations are joining together all over the world to improve knowledge sharing and approaches to safety education. We will hear examples of innovative approaches to collaboration at the seminar.

  • Risks and Education

Fire safety risks are evolving and changing over time. The seminar will see new programmes and approaches being developed to address the increasing dangers of wildfires and the increased use lithium-ion batteries in every-day life.

  • Innovation, technology and education

The seminar will review how technology and gaming can assist in the delivery of fire safety education in the future. A number of fire safety apps and other innovative technological solutions developed will be presented.

One of the highlights to look forward to at the seminar will be the presentation of the European Fire safety Award for 2021 the award for the Best Community Fire Safety project in Europe.

For further details contact

Finian Joyce,

Chief Fire Officer,

Chair of the CFOA Organising Committee for ISES 2021, Secretary of FEU and Core Group Member of European Fire Safety Alliance


Twitter: @JoyceFinian

Mobile: +353 87 2313884